Sunday, August 25, 2013

Episode 14 - GravelRoad and a Tribute to T-Model Ford

GravelRoad with T-Model Ford

GravelRoad is a Seattle band steeped in the tradition of North Mississippi Hill Country Blues. Their passion for this music drove them to visit the region many times, befriending and playing with the families and stalwart performers of the style, the Kimbroughs and Burnsides among them. Through persistence and a little luck, they eventually became the touring band for T-Model Ford, crossing the country and world with the 90-plus year-old bluesman, leading to stories from the road quite unlike any others.

In a strange coincidence, I met with GravelRoad to record this podcast on July 15th, 2013. The following morning, they received the news that T-Model Ford had passed away at his home in Greenville, Mississippi. They knew he was not in the best of health, and he had ceased touring about a year ago. At the time this podcast was recorded, it was not intended to be a eulogy. Still, the members of GravelRoad spoke with such reverence toward T-Model - the man, his mythology, and his music - that it almost feels fitting as such. So, I dedicate this podcast to the memory of T-Model Ford, one of the last great performers from a bygone era, whose music and spirit still live on in bands like GravelRoad.

You can read T-Model Ford's obituary in the New York Times here.

This podcast features the music of GravelRoad and the music of T-Model Ford with GravelRoad as his backing band. GravelRoad has just released their fourth album, "The Bloody Scalp of Burt Merlin," which can be purchased through Knick Knack Records.

"I'm the Blues."

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Recording the podcast at the Knick Knack Records HQ.

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