Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Episode 15 - Gladiators Eat Fire

Has your van ever broken down in a location so remote that you have to live in a junkyard for three days, almost succumbing to local traditions and never leaving, nearly marrying the one girl in the junkyard - the junkyard princess, if you will - endearing yourself to the local youth, who look up to you like a Rock God descended from heaven?

Have you ever had to search for a vet on tour because your dog's anal glands needed squeezing?

Have you ever convinced a friend to put on chainmail so your questionably sane friend from high school could stab him?

Yeah, me neither.

Seattle's Gladiators Eat Fire have done all this and more.

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Standard Tenderloin antics.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Episode 14 - GravelRoad and a Tribute to T-Model Ford

GravelRoad with T-Model Ford

GravelRoad is a Seattle band steeped in the tradition of North Mississippi Hill Country Blues. Their passion for this music drove them to visit the region many times, befriending and playing with the families and stalwart performers of the style, the Kimbroughs and Burnsides among them. Through persistence and a little luck, they eventually became the touring band for T-Model Ford, crossing the country and world with the 90-plus year-old bluesman, leading to stories from the road quite unlike any others.

In a strange coincidence, I met with GravelRoad to record this podcast on July 15th, 2013. The following morning, they received the news that T-Model Ford had passed away at his home in Greenville, Mississippi. They knew he was not in the best of health, and he had ceased touring about a year ago. At the time this podcast was recorded, it was not intended to be a eulogy. Still, the members of GravelRoad spoke with such reverence toward T-Model - the man, his mythology, and his music - that it almost feels fitting as such. So, I dedicate this podcast to the memory of T-Model Ford, one of the last great performers from a bygone era, whose music and spirit still live on in bands like GravelRoad.

You can read T-Model Ford's obituary in the New York Times here.

This podcast features the music of GravelRoad and the music of T-Model Ford with GravelRoad as his backing band. GravelRoad has just released their fourth album, "The Bloody Scalp of Burt Merlin," which can be purchased through Knick Knack Records.

"I'm the Blues."

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Recording the podcast at the Knick Knack Records HQ.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Interview with Aaron in Perfect Sound Forever Magazine

"I guess what I'm saying is, I don't want to talk to Jason Mraz. Not that he's beating down my door..."

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Episode 13 - Argonaut

Matt Sader, Dave Takata, and Chad Baker. Not pictured, Brandon Boote.

"So, you've actually seen a bigfoot?"

So Says Bobo, of Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot," who frequents Argonaut shows whenever they make their way to Northern California.

Argonaut's had a rough go of it. Hell, they weren't even a band for the past several years. They've had a guitarist quit onstage, been screwed by a label, and even almost lost a thumb. But they're back due to popular demand, and they soldier on. Shrooming their way across San Francisco. Showering at the Troubadour. Sleeping in trailers with Juggalettes. Shitting in parking lots. Letting the bassist from Slipknot sleep in their daughter's bed. Argonaut abides.

This episode features music from Argonaut's 2013 EP "What's Your Perfect Day?" All of Argonaut's albums are available here: argonauttacoma.bandcamp.com

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Episode 12 - Ben London

Veteran Seattle rocker Ben London schools Aaron on what it was like to be in a touring band during grunge's heyday, when the words "FROM SEATTLE" would often be larger than the bands' names on flyers. Ben moved from Ohio to Seattle in 1989 with a tight group of friends who would go on to form seminal bands The Gits, 7 Year Bitch, and Ben's own Alcohol Funnycar. Most of these stories are from that time period, leading up to the murder of Mia Zapata, the suicide of Kurt Cobain, and the loss of innocence in Seattle's 90s rock community. Yeah, it gets kinda heavy. But there's plenty of good times as well.

Ben has fronted numerous bands in Seattle over the years, including Sanford Arms, St. Bushmill's Choir, and Burning Rivers, but this podcast features the music of Alcohol Funnycar and Ben's current band, STAG.

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Ben London performing with Big Brown House circa 1988

Friday, January 25, 2013

Episode 11 - Jeff Loose

The Wasted Years goes out on the road to Toledo, Ohio, and Aaron talks with Jeff Loose, a man who is both an old friend and one of Aaron's favorite musicians. Jeff has been a long-time major figure in the Toledo music scene, running the label Pretend Records and performing in many bands; WEe, GoLab, Stylex, Jr. Electric, and solo as himself to name but a few.

Find out how Jeff's band nearly caused a riot in Clyde, Ohio, forging a lifelong friendship between then teenage Aaron and Jeff. Learn about how Jeff's former band Stylex played a 16 year-old's birthday party in order to help a lovestruck young man get some action. Hear about a dirty BJ that went down in the balcony of an empty theater in Cleveland. Learn about the sad post-show clean-up ritual following a Gil Mantera's Party Dream concert. Most of all, get a little glimpse into the life of a working Midwest musician, where people still play shows in barns and fall through hidden trap doors while doing so.

This podcast features the music of Jeff Loose and his band WEe. With special guest host, Eli Semer!

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Jeff Loose and Brian Kantorski of Stylex

Friday, December 21, 2012

Episode 10 - Chaos Chaos (formerly Smoosh)

You likely remember Asy and Chloe Saavedra as Smoosh - two very young and ridiculously talented girls who played with nearly everyone (Pearl Jam, Death Cab, Cat Power, Eels, Bloc Party, you name it) and even appeared on Jimmy Kimmel. Just imagine the behind-the-scenes workings of a family forced into the crazy, late night, booze-fueled and chaotic world of professional touring musicians. Listen and find out about the challenges of learning who famous people are (they didn't know if the singer of Pearl Jam was Eddie Vedder or Eddie Murphy). Find out about the perils of putting fake gum on E's keyboard (is he really as grumpy as people say?). Learn about the difficulties of doing homework on the road, and about sleeping in tents backstage before late shows that were past their bedtime.

But, that is the past. We also talk about their recent reinvention as Chaos Chaos, and the impetus behind their new direction. This podcast features music from Chaos Chaos's fantastic debut EP, "S."

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Check out the video for their single My Hands here.